Best Price Guarantee

1. This mortgage guarantee is limited to conventional, conforming, first-lien, mortgage loan products. The loan products

being compared must be for the same product and term. If the loan product is an adjustable rate product, the initial rate,

rate index,time of rate adjustment, and rate cap must also be the same as for the product you are requesting from
Save Financial. The interest rates being compared must be for the same lock-in term and must be
within the range of interest rates that we’re quoting on our website. Interest rates are volatile and
change throughout the business day, so time is of the essence when comparing interest rates from
different lenders.

2. This mortgage guarantee is contingent on you providing the information necessary for Save Financial
to make a credit underwriting decision and provide you with a customized interest rate quote and
approval. Once approved, you are required to register your loan with Save Financial for consideration
of this offer.

3. If you shop for a competing lender first, you are required to provide Save Financial with the competing
lender’s Loan Estimate disclosure. The document from the competing lender must be dated the same
day as the request to Save Financial to match the other lender’s offer and must be submitted to
Save Financial within 24 hours of registration.

4. All documentation relating to this guarantee must be in writing, and must be emailed to mike.basti@iloanca.com
. You must provide a telephone number at which you can be reached.

5. We reserve the right to verify that the competing lender’s interest rate and points/fees quote are bona

6. In the event Save Financial elects not to match the competing lender’s offer, you will be sent a claim
form, which you will need to return to Save Financial after you have closed your loan with the
competing lender. We’ll pay you $100 after we have verified that the loan was closed with the
competing lender under the terms and conditions originally submitted to Save Financial. The claims
process is detailed below.

7. The guarantee is void if the loan terms or conditions of the original loan approval change prior to closing.

8. This offer of guarantee may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Claims in process at the time of
withdrawal, will however, be processed.

9. This offer does not apply to:
a. Home equity loan programs, and second mortgage programs.
b. Loans secured by co-operatives.
c. Loans for properties on leased land.
d. Loans involving a Consolidation Extension Modification Agreement (CEMA) or other types of
e. Loans with pre-payment penalties.
f. Loans to employees of competing lenders and/or affiliates of competing lenders.
g. Loans subject to special incentives or credits due to employee relocation programs or similar
employee programs.

10. Rates/offers from credit unions are exempt from this offer.

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